We believe some very significant changes in the Realities experienced on this planet are taking place.  The key piece of information you need is that regardless of what is going on around you, you can re-shape the experience you have of the world.  

That does not mean that all of the un-wanted things going on in the world will go away, it means that you can separate them from the world of YOUR experience.  As you shape a better reality for yourself it will have an effect on the world around you and add energy to the very things you find good about life on the planet.  

Those that you are closest with will benefit the most because of exposure to your optimism and positive energy.  For you it will be a life filled with ever more to be pleased with.  This may take a reappraisal of how the world works but over time you will be able to demonstrate the truth of concepts involved.  

Again, thank you because together our impact will be magnified.
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